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Toy Story 2 Highly Compressed 43 MB

Toy Story 2 Highly Compressed 43 MB

Leap into high-flying, space ranger action with TOY STORY 2 for the PlayStation. You are Buzz Lightyear in this frenzied, platform-jumping extravaganza from Traveler's Tales. Loosely based on the blockbuster film, your task is to race through 15 different levels, collect Pizza Planet tokens, blast enemies, and avoid obstacles in a challenging quest to rescue your buddy Woody. Make your way through dangerous environments like Andy's House and neighborhood, Al's Toy Barn, a girder-filled construction yard, and a sprawling, rain-splattered airport. All the fun loving, joke-cracking screen favorites are here: Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, Bo Peep, Sarge, Rex, Jessie, and many more. You can even unlock hilarious cutscenes from the movie as you complete each expansive level. Along the way you’ll have to solve mind-bending puzzles, race against the clock in formidable mini-quests, battle the ominous boss Zerg, and do your best to vanquish the rascally Old Miner. TOY STORY 2 will have you going "To infinity and beyond!"

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