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fast and furious showdown highly compressed Pc Game Download

 Fast and Furious Showdown Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

The Fast & Furious movies are known and loved for their over-the-top pomp and insane stunt driving. It's good dumb fun, and that's the thing action games are best at. That’s why it’s such a surprising letdown that Fast & Furious: Showdown fails on practically every level to capture any of its cinematic brethren’s frantic energy and enthusiasm for lovely destruction. This feels like the bare minimum for what it takes to be a racing game. Are there cars? Yes. Is it interactive? Yes. Is it possible to complete? Yes. Is there even the slightest modicum of entertainment to be found within its soulless shell? Absolutely not.
That mission, like most of the 30 included, was mercifully over within four or five minutes. If you do the math, you come out with a completion time of roughly.

Minimum System Requirements:
* Operating System: Windows@XP / Windows Vista / Windows®7
* Processor: Intel Dual Core @ 2.8 GHz or higher
* Memory: 1 GB of RAM (2 GB for Vista & Win 7 )
* Graphics Card: 256 MB (Nvidia GeForce 7900) Pixel Shader 3.0
* Hard Disk: 3 GB free disk space
* Sound Card DirectX compatible
* DirectX@9.0c 

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