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In the Ultimate Ninja Series line, Along with the various weapons available to the characters also their various special abilities taken straight from the series Naruto Uzumaki's Rasengan or Sasuke Uchiha's Chidori, for example). To use these attacks, however, the player must have the required chakra as indicated by the "chakra bars" located under the players health. By using the technique of flow chakra bar (which can be restored through various methods, including special, character specific methods for some characters) the first two games of the Ultimate Ninja series let players execute three different secret technique attacks using three different Chakra levels (red, purple, and blue, in order weakest to strongest), two different signature techniques, and a variety of kicks and punches. However, in Ultimate Ninja 3, players are only allowed to use one secret technique attack, besides the other attacks and techniques. To overcome this, the player will be allowed to select the secret technique of their choice before each battle, but not all secret techniques will be available at the beginning of the game. Different secret techniques must be obtained through story mode and completing misi.kontrol the player character in the anime and manga Naruto. Simple goal is to fight the opponent's character and win by reducing their health-nol.Teknik with certain techniques which are not done in real-time, however, once successfully executed, a cinematic takes place, where the player must either fill a bar to a certain level or illustrated at an angle hitting the screen faster than their opponent to assure the attack with full force. All characters can use the substitution jutsu, although some characters use different versions (two variants of Substitution exist, one of which avoid normal attacks, and another which begins tug-of-war like minigame after juggling an opponent). Also, some characters have specific transformations available to them (such as Sasuke's Curse Mark Heaven with the right amount of chakra or, in later games, by successfully applying their special technique).
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