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Link Exchange Program

We came up with the idea of link exchange program to help new bloggers get free traffic and share there blogs. Please follow rules or your site will be blocked.

1) Free 300Mb Movies
2) Improve SEO Of Your Blog 
3) Goomba Games
4) Manik

Yours Next....

  1. Our member will check your Website/Blog within 20 mins after your submission. If you have not added our website's link on homepage or as widget on your website, your link here will be blocked.
  2. Please Do not add blogs with our games.
  3. Please DO not add porno website.

How To Add A Link?
Step 1. a) Enter your name.
b) Enter email address in form
c) In message enter your blog's name & url
Your Name: Enter Your Desired Title
Your URL: Enter Your Desired Web Address
Then Click Enter

Step 2. Copy & Paste The HTML Codes Given Below Or Links Given Below In Your Website Or Blog.

 Or put the link given below

If you do not follow step 2, then your blog will not be added to our list.

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