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Need For Speed ( NFS ) 2 Compressed Pc Game Download

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Need For Speed II looks really good. The 3-D texture-mapped graphics are on par with most N64 titles, although there is a significant amount of pop-up and the occasional backdrop looks flat or jagged. What is most impressive is that Electronic Arts has created a game on a 32-bit platform that, at least graphically, rivals the N64's Cruis'n USA. The sound is also quite good, featuring an electronic Euro-style soundtrack and realistic sound effects. In terms of presentation, the game scores big points.

Overall, Need For Speed II is the PlayStation's slickest racer yet, with its mix of realistic locales, superior graphics, and fast cars. It's more realistic than Ridge Racer and more of an arcade game than NASCAR Racing, and the combination should score with die-hard and casual genre fans alike. Simply put: Short of a Cannonball Run-esque plot, Need For Speed II has it all (although let's face it, who wouldn't like to see Dom DeLuise and Burt Reynolds in a driving game?).

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